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Hannah Smith
December 24, 2021

One very important item on my bucket list for Granada was to explore the local coffee scene and nail down a favorite spot. Spanish coffee culture and coffee shop norms are a bit different from what many Americans are used to, including myself. I have prepared a comprehensive list of my favorite coffee shops in Granada and a short blurb about what you can expect when visiting each of them. I hope this can serve as a fun resource for anyone who will soon be studying in Granada! 

General things to know: The coffee in Spain will change you for the better. I typically prefer iced lattes or cold brew at all times of the day but the cafe con leches of Granada have changed me into someone who drinks hot coffee too. Spainards typically go to coffee shops to meet with friends, enjoy a coffee, eat, read a book, unwind and just enjoy life. It is not a super common thing to see locals doing work in cafes, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t. Also, if you love an iced latte like me, it is important to know that not everywhere makes the typical versions of iced coffee that we are used to in the U.S. If you ask for this in some places, they will serve you a hot coffee with a single cube of ice in it. But, there are places that have iced drinks and this is a great opportunity to branch out and try something new! 

1 – La Fincha Coffee 

    I stumbled across this gem during my first week in Granada and I am forever grateful. This micro shop features robust coffee and a chic vibe right in the heart of Granada near the Cathedral. The perfect spot to grab a latte and explore the center of the city during your first days in your new home. Not a great place to do work since they don’t have wifi or a bathroom and seating is limited but a fun place to sit and read a book. Tip: you get way more coffee for the same price if you drink it there instead of getting it to go! I also recommend their pb&j toast with bananas – so yum!  

2 – Rollo 

    Rollo is more of a cafe/restaurant than a coffee shop but it is a great place to enjoy a coffee with a view of the Cathedral! Fun place to meet up with friends, great service, and has indoor and outdoor seating options. 

3 – Zoë Coffee Bar 

    Unfortunately I discovered this cool spot during finals week. Located in Relajo with a cool vibe of antique furniture and couches. A little less central than the other coffee shops listed but a great place to go if you want a change. Lots of room to sit and great place to study. They also have bagels which are hard to come by in Spain! 

4 – Minuit Pan y Café 

    This was a crowd favorite within my program. Fun vibe with great breakfast food and fresh baked bread as well. Great place to study too. Amazing scrambled eggs on toast and almond croissants! Pro tip: you have to get there pretty early in the day to snag an almond croissant because they sell out pretty quickly! 

5 – Yavú 

    Yavú is a precious venezuelan family owned café nestled on a quaint side street near the botanical gardens. The only people who work here are the owner and her mother and they are the sweetest people ever. They have a great deal where you can get fresh orange juice, toast, and a café con leche for only 5 euros. I would go here and study in the afternoon or read a book because it was always quiet and peaceful. One of the best cafe con leches that Granada has to offer! 

6 – Starbucks 

    Many people cringe at the idea of going to Starbucks in Spain where they are so many awesome local options but the Starbucks in Granada does deserve a spot on this list for a couple of reasons 1) the upstairs has an amazing view of Gran Via with great natural light making it a prime place to study and 2) sometimes you just need a taste of home. If you’re feeling homesick and want to taste your go-to Starbucks drink or looking for a place to knock out a couple hours worth of work, look no further. 

7 – Sur Coffee Corner 

     Great grab-and-go coffee place. Their banana bread is chef's kiss. Great selection of toasts, try the avocado one! However, absolutely no tables or chairs to sit or linger. I would hit this place up if I had to go somewhere early in the morning because it opened at 8am which is before most places in Granada. 

8 – I Need Coffee 

     Another place that opens earlier than most 👏 I went there when I had class at 8:30 am and just couldn't wait until after to get my caffeine fix. Not a great place to do work in my opinion as it is dark with minimal windows but a great place to grab a drink or snack. Located in Realajo! Always a lot of locals here. 

9 – Perspectives - Café & Honest Food 

    I went to this place my second day in Spain. Cute place with a really nice barista but the iced latte has one cube of ice in it which is not my thing. However, the different juices are delicious, especially the carrot one! Cool artsy vibe. 

10 – Café Baraka 

One of my favorite places to get coffee and a crepe. More of a restaurant but can be a coffee place if you decide that it is. Pretty busy on weekend mornings but not a bad place to do work during the week. 

11 – d’Sano 

     Right beside Café Baraka and has a very similar menú and vibe. The staff is so kind and the scrambled eggs are amazing! I went to Café Baraka if I wanted a crepe and to d’Sano if I wanted eggs. 

12 – Cafetería Pastelería Casa Palacete 1822 

     I am obsessed with this place because everytime I went I felt like I was in Paris. This cafe is connected to a hotel and boasts a very elevated vibe. Beautiful furniture with great natural light. Good coffee and delicious pastries! It is a great place to do work with wifi and has a beautiful patio seating option with a sky light. 

13  – Oteiza 

     Last but not least, my favorite coffee shop in all of Granada!!! I went here way too many times a week. Perfect place to go in between classes to grab a coffee and also a great spot to enjoy brunch. My go to order here is an iced latte and scrambled eggs. Their scrambled eggs are the best I found in Spain! The service is amazing and the staff truly makes an effort to get to know their customers. They have a great rewards program that allows you to get a free coffee every couple of visits. Amazing view of the Alhambra from the cafe. There is also an option to sit and enjoy your coffee in the hotel lobby that Oteiza is connected to which is my personal favorite spot to sit. I could talk about this place forever! 

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