Half-Way There

Come Sunday, I’ll be embarking on two full weeks of travel. I’m spending the first week with my entire IES group in Paris, and the second week will be split between London and Budapest with friends.

As thrilled as I am to explore these new cities, I can help but think about how much I’m going to miss Berlin during my short time away. Over the past couple months, this city has become a home to me. It’s certainly a different sort of home than how I regard my “real” home (Indianapolis!), but still a home, none-the-less.

My route to class each day has become a routine, I’ve become a “regular” at the coffee shop on the corner, and I no longer have to reference a map every time I hop on the U-bahn.

In other words, I now feel comfortable in this city. And comfort is something I often cherish.

Despite my love for Berlin, I anticipate the further adventures and ponderings my next travels will bring!