A Vegetarian Abroad

Grace McGovern
April 10, 2017

I was a little nervous at first about studying abroad while trying to be a vegetarian. Especially when I thought about the food of Ireland, all that came to mind was potatoes and meat, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to living off potatoes for 4 months. However, I’ve found more variety of food in Dublin than I have anywhere else I’ve lived. Streets are lined with all different types of restaurants, all equally tempting and nearly all with a wide range of vegetarian options. I will list a couple of my favorites, places I definitely recommend anyone hit up in or around Dublin, vegetarian or otherwise!

Happy Food

This place, as hinted at by the name, always fulfills its duty of making me feel, well, happy. Hidden in an alleyway off Camden Street, this place embodies what I think every lunch spot in Portland must be like. Boasting an entirely vegan menu, with items such as a Sloppy Joe burger and tofu barbeque ribs, there are definitely still comfort foods to be found here. The smoothies and milkshakes here are delicious as well. It’s my absolute favorite spot in Dublin, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


The Happy Pear

“You have to go to the Happy Pear! And do the hike from Bray to Greystones to get there. It’ll make the food that much better.” The recommendations for this place were endless, having been preached its virtues by locals, guidebooks, and Yelp reviews alike. Run by two brothers, The Happy Pear prioritizes healthy and flavorful food. There seems to be a theme running with "happy" and vegan, a connection that Ireland does very well. A popular mode of transportation here is to take the DART down to Bray, and then walk on the 2-hour cliff walk over to Greystones. It’s well paved and offers beautiful sights, and the incentive of its delicious food is a great way to keep yourself going.



Though not strictly vegetarian, Jo’Burger has my favorite veggie burger in Dublin. There’s a choice between a chickpea and sweet potato base, and a whopping 20 toppings that you can chose between. With it being just a two minute walk from my apartment, this is always an easy go-to place. The atmosphere itself is very hip, with lowlighting and hip music. This is a great choice for vegetarians and meat-eaters, with a huge amount of variety that’s sure to satisfy everyone.


Though it was intimidating to come abroad as a vegetarian, I have to say that the selection is even better here than it is at home. I can already feel the cravings I’ll have for Happy Food’s tofu ribs when I’m back in the states.

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Grace McGovern

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