Food. Travel. Food. Travel.

So I wasn’t planning to go on the IES Prague/Dresden trip. I’m not really a fan of being in a group and going places. I had a bad experience in high school where every single minute of a trip was planned and it was just horrible. Therefore, I assumed that IES would probably like that too. Surprisingly, our little day trips have been very lax and really fun and I’m warming up to group trips. So ERGO – I’m going on the Prague/Dresden trip! Also, I know this is a little shallow, but all of my friends are going and I was feeling left out and it’s actually super cheap and the Koruna has a good exchange rate! I’m really excited now because I didn’t know what I was going to do during the huge break. It was overwhelming.

I feel like I’ve been eating constantly because I’ve been either walking or biking everywhere and exercising sooo much more than I would have at home. I’ve had breakfast and two lunches already today and every other meal is a hunk of meat or pasta. I’ve been eating these pasta boxes that cost basically nothing and come with surprisingly delicious sauce. I’m even cooking pasta for my tandem partner for dinner. A tandem partner is someone who you can speak two different languages with so both people can improve. We basically go back and forth speaking German and English. She’s a Psychology grad student here in Freiburg and ridiculously smart. We get along well.

I know I’m getting comfortable in my room here. It’s getting a little messy. Even though I only brought like 4 shirts, they’re all on the floor or the chairs or the desk. Oh well. My dresser has two posters that I found and stole to put up. I say “stole” but once the event they’re advertising ends people just take them. My cacti that I got in IKEA are still alive somehow. I watered them for the first time yesterday and they’re no worse for wear. My friend Fiona (who lives down the hall) got a plant at IKEA also but hers already died so I’m proud that mine are chugging along. I’m going ice skating with her and my other friend Katrina later tonight! Ganz toll! (ganz toll = pretty cool).

I went to a student bar/club last night. The mix drinks were a little expensive but the tequila shots were only €,50! Needless to say they did some people in (obviously, we all know the stereotypes that tequila has). I decided I wanted to go to class today so I didn’t go crazy, but it was still suuuuper fun.

We’re heading off to Elsaß, France on Saturday which should be awesome. There’s a wine tasting involved soooooo yeah. I’m looking forward to having an excuse for not knowing the native language. That’ll make me feel a little less like a failure.

As I wrote this I took out some leftover pasta and started eating all of it. I know I’m having dinner in like a half an hour but I’M JUST SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. I will leave you with a picture of bockwurst.