What to do on a weekend in Berlin

Fiona Dwyer-Mcnulty
March 18, 2016
Biking through Berlin!

Midterms are over!! After a slightly hectic week, I thought I would share with you some of the things we do in Berlin to relax and unwind.

1.) Go for a bike ride

Around the corner from our IES Abroad center there is a nail salon that also rents out bikes for 12 Euros. If you have the opportunity to rent a bike and take it through the city I would 100% recommend doing so. Berlin has an amazing public transportation system, but because we are always underground or taking the same route from place to place on the metro, it is hard to get a good sense of the city and where things are in relation to each other. Through biking around, my friend Mikaela and I stummbled upon beautiful parks and residential areas that we would never have been able to see otherwise. 

Our final destination was Tempelhof Airport, which is in my opinion one of the greatest places in Berlin, especially on a beautiful day. Tempelhof was Hitler's airport, but has not been in use since 2008, so now it is a huge open space/park in the middle of city. After biking up and down the runways a bit, we set off to find gelato (my favorite snack) and found the best café and ice cream parlor that I've seen in the city so far (http://www.facebook.com/Eiscafe.Isabel). 


2.) Markthalleneun

Thursday nights are one of the greatest nights of the week in Berlin because it is Street Food Thursday in Kreutzberg! This indoor market/food palace/beer garden is actually one of the most incredible places I have ever been. Everytime I go I eat about 3 dinners and at least 2 desserts because there are so many choices. Just to give you an idea, this past Thursday I ate a naanwich, which is a naan and porkbelly wrap, dumblings, half a burger, and two vegan donuts..and I probably could have kept eating.


3.) Brunch it up

I am a huge fan of brunch. Well, as you've probably guessed, I'm a huge fan of food and eating in general, but brunch holds a special place in my heart. I bring a book or a friend, I order a cappuccino and some kind of dish involving eggs, and I will be content for hours. This weekend, my boyfriend and I tried out a little place called Allan's Breakfast Club in Prenzlauer Berg. Huge fan. Great staff, best cappuccino I think I have ever had, amazing Eggs Benedict (my go-to), free water (unheard of in Berlin), and to top it all off, they gave us a little amuse-bouche of cake after we were finished our meal.


4.) Visit a market or two

Outdoor markets are super popular in Berlin. They vary a little, but for the most part you can find spices, jewelry, baked good, clothing, and meat vendors at any given market. Most markets have a specific day that they opperate on, but walk around on a Friday or Saturday and you'll most likely stummble upon one. 


5.) Go for a stroll

Now that it's a bit warmer outside, I've been walking instead of taking public transportation everywhere and it's been great. Berlin is a bit spread out, but hey, it's good for you and I have loved getting to know my city a little better! 

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