Field Trip to Paris

IMG_9883 IMG_9795 from the top of Notre Dame IMG_9595 IMG_9614 IMG_9632

One of my favorite parts of the IES Metropolitan Studies program are the two six day trips I’ve gotten to take with the group.  The first trip was to St. Petersburg, Russia back in October and the second to Paris, France concluded a week ago.  While in Paris, we attended a few classes at the IES Paris center.  In typical Metropolitan Studies fashion, much of the learning took place outside of the classroom.  Some classes went on walking tours through the city that highlighted defining aspects of culture in Paris, while others visited specific locations to learn about topics such as art, religion, or gender, and how these things intersect with Parisian life.  Despite the classes we were required to attend, I still had plenty of time to explore the city on my own.  I climbed to the top of Notre Dame, visited numerous art museums, and took a boat tour on the Seine River.  Here’s a few pictures from the week!