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A Few Observations

Over the course of the last three months, I’ve observed a number of esoteric idiosyncrasies of Italian social mores: such as, Italians love mojitos, music videos and hot dogs. Perhaps these impressions are slight over-generalizations; but, in whatever way, they seem pervasive enough to consider some-what norms.

  • Receipts are printed for every purchase. Just in case you want to return the bottle of water.
  • Coins are always placed on the counter. Even if you’re standing with an open palm.
  • Graphic T’s are still in style. Bonus points if they’re vulgar and in English.
  • People are never barefoot. Not even children. Not even in the house.
  • People dress unseasonably warm all of the time. Consequently, people blame any illness on the weather and lack of warm clothing.
  • People exercise in super trendy sweatpants – shorts aren’t a thing.
  • People don’t walk in a straight line. Instead they zig-zag down the already winding streets – maybe that’s why Italians are always late?
  • People give the impression that they are always drinking simply because they cradle single drinks for hours. In fact, because of this, they are also never drunk.