Firstly, Katrina, if you’re reading this, get off my blog you creepy stalker.

Secondly, I had a wonderful time at Europapark. It was very similar to Busch Gardens in Virginia. The premise is that it takes a bunch of European countries and sections off the park with rides, shops, and food that reflect that country. Michael and I rode almost every ride and some even more than once! Eurosat was my favorite. It was like Space Mountain in Disney World (enclosed in the dark). It nicely built up suspense because as you chugged up the incline you couldn’t see anything and then did a countdown (in English for some reason) like you were ready for take off. It was basically the best roller coaster ever. I have a rule for roller coasters. I like to be scared, but not for my life. Those super big ones that go upside down and need to strap you in and you can hear screams of terror from–not my style.

I got cotton candy about halfway through the day which was a friendly reminder of fairs at home. Interesting though, the cotton candy was white instead of pink.

There were a lot of French people there (ew) but they made up for it by giving me a chance to guffaw at all the teenage boys’ “I think I’m Macklemore” haircuts. To be fair, the Germans like to sport that hairstyle too, but for some reason it’s funnier on French people.

I think I talked about this on one of my first blogs: Europeans don’t know how to stand in line. They’re like, “there’s five millimeters between you and the person in front of you? Better swoop in there and push the patiently waiting American out of the way.” Americans are sometimes stereotyped as rude, but in this regard, no way. I gravely miss a time where I could wait in line without being shoved aside multiple times and having to wait twice as long because I’m not willing to sniff the armpit hairs of the large German man in front of me.

I heard this song (Bad Habit by Foal) on Pandora the other day and I’m hooked. Check it out if you know what’s good for you. (Before you ask, I have a VPN so I can do American things like Pandora and Netflix. Yeah. Be jealous.)

I’m stoked to go to the Stuttgart Zoo this Tuesday. Michael is always listening to me swoon over baby animals so now he gets a whole day of it! Too bad I won’t be able to see my favorite German polar bear. RIP Knut :(