Pre-departure Two: Leaving the Mainland

Ella Fornari
September 22, 2014

Amazon to the Paramo from Ella Fornari on Vimeo.

Today marks my final day on the mainland of Ecuador. Tomorrow I voyage 600 miles off the coast to the Galapagos islands where I will spend the remainder of the semester. I’ve always lived in big cities in the US and could not be more ready to trade the quick pace of Quito for the small sleepy beach town of San Cristobal island.

Paramo of Papallacta- altitude 4,400m

I really enjoyed spending a month at Universidad San Francisco de Quito’s main campus before heading to the Galapagos campus; being able to talk to students and see all that the university has to offer. Although I’ve been based in Quito for the past month I’ve had amazing opportunities to explore many other areas in Ecuador. My first class, tropical ecology, was easily the most field intensive class I’ve ever taken. In the three weeks of this class I went to the Amazon for a week, Rio Topo Cloud Forest for 3 days, and the paramo of Papallacta for a day. These three locations span a huge range of Ecuadorian environments. In Papallacta it was 8 degrees and blizzarding while in the Amazon it was 90 degrees with 98% humidity.

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Ella Fornari

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