Arrival: The Days in Which I Became Known as “Her”

Ella Fornari
August 27, 2014

“Ella es Ella,” my host family, smirking, says, introducing me to their friends and family. My name, Ella (El-La),  in spanish ella (eh-ya), means she.  This is nothing new, ex: attendance in every spanish class I’ve ever taken. I was a bit peeved that in my home for the month I was she, her. In reality, my annoyance was mainly based in my having become the Ecuadorian equivalent of  ”her?” in Arrested Development. Her? Ella?

After five days I now understand my introduction, ”ella es ella,” as a term of endearment. For the remainder of my time in Quito I’ll just have to embrace being “her.” This, confused conversations comprised mostly of “¿entiendas?,”a lot of papaya, and countless hours of orientation for school have been my first five days in Quito. Next week I’m off to the Tiputini biodiversity research station in the Amazon.


Universidad San Francisco de Quito- Main Campus

Content from Universidad San Francisco de Quito

My host family’s street in Cumbaya, Quito

Content from Cumbaya

Views of Quito + Old Town Quito

Content from Quito Views + Old Town

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Ella Fornari

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