Elisabeth Hawthorne
June 7, 2015

Senatus Populus Que Romanus.  The Senate and the People of Rome.  This Latin initialism is plastered, painted, cast, and carved into the city.  You see it on distinguished ancient monuments and equally undistinguished objects of the mundane: the Arch of Titus, a manhole cover, Trajan’s column, a fire extinguisher, the plinth of the Marcus Aurelius equestrian statue, that ornamental bottle opener I nearly purchased last week...I wonder how many unfortunates have such a drunken tattoo, and I will eat my socks if there isn’t an ”SPQR” board somewhere on Pinterest.

Whether inscribed by the people of ancient Rome, Mussolini’s propagandist regime, or current campy tourist trappers, this designation speaks strongly to the identity of the city and its citizens.

- - - - -

A city can mark you.  I saw myself and my fellow students altered, stretched, warped just a little by our surroundings.  The locals are so owned by the city that they take its name, identifying as Romans, but in reciprocity they take ownership of the place.  Nine months gone and I feel like I can claim a little piece of Rome.  And that makes me happy.  This has been a dry run for my “adult” life; I’ve tried the city on, seen how I look in it, seen how it looks on me.  I am confident now that I can live and function in a different country, and I can’t wait to see where I go next...Firenze! Venezia! Milano!

Firenze Belvedere


Found on the Street


Burano Colors

"Tree of Life"


Summer Fruit


Endless Canals

Thanks for listening to me all this time.  I hope you found substance in what I had to say, and I hope most of all for prospective students who read this, that they may find even greater adventures in Rome than I did.

In an effort to ward off the mopes here are some things I’m looking forward to when I eventually get back to the States:

sleeping in beds larger than a coffin - proper baths in bubbly bathtubs - using a clothes dryer, because true civilization is fluffy towels - stores that have everything in one place - drinking long coffee (even if it has no taste by comparison) - bagels - MY DOG!!! - and, I suppose, maybe my American family and friends.


Grazie, Roma!  Bella cosa tosto è rapita, quindi dico arrivederci e spero di rivederti presto.  Stai nel mio cuore.

Canal Sunset


Bar Scene


Uffizi Experience

Expo 2015


Rape of the Sabine


Work in Progress

San Marco




American Pavilion

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