Digital Wonder: Sevilla and Granada

I don't know if I want another Granada, but I'm all for social critique. The brightest spices I've ever seen, imported to the south of Spain from the north of Africa. Pomegranates are so strongly associated with Granada that they're called "granadas" in Madrid. Orange trees on the patio of the world's largest Gothic cathedral in sunny Sevilla. In Granada, the stars shine even during the sunlit hours. The Alhambra photo that I have seen in literally every Spanish textbook I've ever used. My secret garden...or La Alhambra's Generalife? A mysterious doorway in the Albayzin, Granada's old Muslim quarter. Yet another gorgeous Spanish couple taking a late-afternoon paseo in Sevilla. Gorgeous ceiling, tragic story: look up Boabdil, the last sultan of the Alhambra. In Sevilla, even the underbellies of balconies are beautiful! Just a typical tiny street in Sevilla. The magical land of Granada as seen from La Alhambra.

The images of these cities speak for themselves. I tried not to give Sevilla short shrift, because it is the classic Spanish city I always imagined when I thought of this previously-far-away land. You already know from my last post, however, that Granada hypnotized me. Madrid is the Spanish city that has truly stolen my heart, but Granada came close!