Salvador da Bahia: “Field Trip” Redefined

Danni Askew
April 25, 2014

All IES Abroad students had the privilege to go to Salvador da Bahia together for one weekend. Similar to our trip to Ilha Grande, we were all very excited to travel and explore a new part of Brazil! Both from what we were told beforehand and from what we saw, the culture of Salvador and Bahia is very different form Rio. There is a rich African history there, which brings different foods, dances, music, architecture, and attitudes of people. Also, as with pretty much every place I’ve seen so far in Brazil, it was absolutely beautiful.

Here are some photos I took to help share the imagery of our time in Bahia!

THURSDAY: After we flew across the country, we stayed in Praia do Forte, a quite little beach town…

We spent a few hours at Projeto Tomar, a turtle refuge on the edge of the city.

Student petting a sea turtle, which hatched about 30 seconds prior to this photo being taken.

We watched hundreds of baby sea turtles be released into the ocean! (It was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen in my life.)

The next morning, we woke up and ate a wonderful breakfast at our Pousada (a local bed & breakfast venue)

That same morning, we also walked around a nature reserve and got a tour of the local wildlife.

FRIDAY: We traveled back to Salvador to explore the city…

We couldn’t help but to act like tourists for a few minutes… haha

One example of traditional Bahian costumes, plentifully seen around the Pelourinho area of Salvador.

Student surrounded by Capoeira dancers on the street!

Trying some authentic Bahian cousine on the streets of Salvador. This specific food was called Acarajé, and is known across Brazil as being one of the spiciest foods available. I tried it, but with only a little bit of the spice, and it was delicious!

SATURDAY: We visited Itaparica Island…

 Our tour guide from the weekend has a family home on Itaparica Island, so we got to meet some of his friends and neighbors. One of the neighbors took 3 of us on a small tour of the island, where we got to see and learn more about the residential life there.

Many students enjoyed playing soccer on the beach all morning!

We met some local Capoeiristas (Capoeira is one of the famous dance games of Brazil, which is a trademark of the Northeast region and Bahia). They taught us about the art of Capoeira and invited us to form a “Roda” (circle for Capoeira) with them.

They gave us a huge mass lesson on the basic moves and steps of Capoeira

They taught us about the music and instruments, and let a few students join them in playing along (as shown above)

After we had practiced for a bit, some students were brave enough to join the Roda with the masters!

Other students, however, took advantage of some hammocks and couldn’t resist a quick nap!

SUNDAY: Last day in Salvador..

A few of us woke up early and explored different neighborhoods of Salvador. This church (Igreja do Bomfim) is one of the most famous churches in Bahia. The colorful bracelets tied all along the fence each represent a wish that someone placed there. The church is famous for having a history of healing people, and many people travel from afar to experience the healing power believed to be held here.

Last view of Salvador from our hotel. Thankful for the time to see this other piece of Brazil!

Danni Askew

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