Love in Rio & Lovin’ Rio

Danni Askew
February 18, 2014

The first thing you’ll notice about the culture in Rio: people have a lot of love, and they don’t hesitate showing it. People greet strangers with hugs and kisses, show a lot of skin and are confident in their bodies, and have passion for living life.


They love food.

They love family.

They love their friends.

They love to make new friends.

They love their country.

They love making guests feel at home.

They love having fun.

They love taking care of others.

They love the beach.

They love music and dancing.

They love Beyonce (well, at least one woman does).

The atmosphere here is an amazing balance of relaxed and passionate. People here are not as rushed as Americans are; they walk slowly and enjoy scenery, they take the time to stop and greet each other on the street, and they go out of their way to make guests feel at home. And the rumors are true, it is common to se extreme “PDA” in public.

After one week, I’m confident in two things…

People in Rio love to love.

& I love Rio.


{I hope everyone else can celebrate Valentine’s day with people you love and/or in a place you love and/or doing something you love!}




Danni Askew

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