Culinary Findings

Paris has got it going on when it comes to the culinary scene. Sure, it may be a little on the pricier side but if you do your research,  you can find yourself having some amazing meals both on the divey as well as elegant side at reasonable prices. Below is a visual diary of what I have come across. Enjoy At Cafe Coutume. A must go cafe off Rue de Babylone Also from Cafe Coutume. Really great stuff Alright, so I don't remember where I had this but it was pretty amazing. Go ahead and drool. Cafe Flore goodness. A classic in Paris. Right next to the IES business center on Rue Daguerre are great little Greek food pop in places. Greek dishes are excellent. Had this on the mountain after a long day of skiing in the Alps. Perhaps the best bowl of Spaghetti my 22 year old self has ever had. Dim Sum for dinner at Chine Missena in the chinatown of Paris. Disco balls, Karaoke, and great food. What else can you ask for?