Predeparture: Thinking About Comfort Zones

Cortney Cordero
July 28, 2015

This time tomorrow, I will be on an airplane, on my way to Cape Town, South Africa. Sitting in my home, knowing that it will be the last one before I leave for just over four months, I am a plethora of emotions. I am unbelievably excited, and excruciatingly nervous, and almost all of that has to do with the fact that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, but not just a little. I’m stepping leaps and bounds out of my comfort zone. I have never been away from my family for this long, I’ve never been on that side of the world before, and I’ve never gone somewhere where I didn’t know at least one person. 

But when it starts to get to be too much in my head, I remind myself that this time is going to be such a time of growth for me. Nothing good ever comes from never challenging yourself and the environment you surround yourself with. This adventure is going to stretch my maturity, my self-awareness, and my faith in God. I know I’ve tried to go to Africa before, because I felt in my heart that God called me to go there and that this was the next step for my life. And it never seemed to work out until now. 

So I firmly believe that this is where God wanted me to go and do His work. Whenever the anxiety starts to creep up on me, I remind myself of the thousands of reasons why this is so right. And that’s enough for me. 

Within the next few months, I’ll be able to see a dream of mine for missions be realized, experience a new city, meet new people, and see new things. I am so excited to get there and start this adventure. 

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Cortney Cordero

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