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May 26 6:57am

Positionality: Cracks in the American Conciousness

Post by Mallory Brander

I know most people don’t exactly think of the study part of study abroad first and foremost.

May 22 3:32pm

Remembering Your Semester Abroad: My Tips and Tricks

Post by Helena Haynes

In my experience, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with remembering your semester abroad.

May 22 11:27am

Noch zwei Monate in der Hauptstadt

Post by Corey Brown

4 months in, a new phase of my time in Berlin has begun. Eight people, including myself, are staying through the end of July to take a class at Humboldt Universität, one of the local universities.

May 21 4:49am

Abroad Bucket Lists: The Final Countdown

Post by Mallory Brander

Half way through the semester I was asked: Tell us 3 things that are on your study abroad bucket list.

May 21 2:24am

End-of-semester reflection

Post by Nicole Stein

I posed some questions before studying abroad, and in this post I do my best to reflect on my time in Spain and answer.

May 20 5:49pm

Coming Home: What It's Really Like

Post by Helena Haynes

I’ve been back in the U.S. for about a week now. I think people underestimate how much your mental and physical health is impacted by the transition you experience when coming home from study abroad.