Highlights of Catalonia

Connie Woo
June 16, 2015

This week, I decided to stay in Barcelona and check out some places within the city and surrounding parts of Catalonia. 

1. Magic Fountain of Montjuic was an amazing site to see. The fountain danced with the music that is amplified through Placa d'Espanya and it almost felt like it was telling some type of story. The lights that shined onto the water was in many different colors and no words or pictures can truly captivate how beautiful this sight was. It was just a perfect ending to a dinner outing with friends. 

2. Montserrat is the most popular mountain in Catalonia. The name actually means mountain and sawing in Catalan because it actually looks like someone just sawed the mountains. My friend who is a geology major was so impressed by these mountains because the shaping of them are so peculiar. There also is a famous landmark at Montserrat called the "Stairway to Heaven." We never got a chance to climb it because it was under reconstruction but I can't imagine how cool it would've felt just feeling like you're standing on top of the world.

3. Park Guell is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Barcelona and is a great way to overlook the city. Created by the architect, Antonio Gaudi, you can find his works spread throughout Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia and Casa Velvet. He definitely redefined the meaning of moderism in Catalonia and you can identify his work because it is so unique and eccentric. In the park, I noticed he likes playing with shapes and incorporates mosaic tiles in a way that is so odd yet beautiful. The park is maintained so well and it's a great place to go to relax or explore the top of Barcelona. I love anything outdoors so this park definitely was one of my favorite places I have been to in Spain so far!

4. Rupit is a very small town located about 2 hours north of Barcelona and I went there through a discoverIES trip. I liked the small town feel of Rupit and enjoyed hiking through the forests to finally get to the top of the mountain. Along the hike, they told us historical facts about some parts of the town and we got to try some delicious Catalonian food afterwards.

It's exciting living in a country and finding cool places to go visit at ease. I can't wait to explore more parts of Spain and Europe!

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