Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!


If any of you out there own a travel mug and depend on a caffeine jolt to make it through morning lectures (like me), you’ll find coffee in Granada a lot better but with much less variety.

In Spain, coffee is basically a shot of espresso with varying amounts of water or milk. I’ve only been offered a nice big cup of “regular joe” once during my 90 days here. Instant coffee is very popular as well.

People drink coffee with more frequency in Spain, and for different ends. It is very strange to drink coffee without food. People generally order coffee after lunch and dinner at restaurants, and almost every restaurant will have an espresso machine.

In Granada, there are no coffee chains (like Starbucks), so there are no coffee “specialties.” I’m missing my pumpkin lattes right about now. Also, getting a coffee “to go” is very hard to find.  However, if you’re on your way to class and desperate, ask if the restaurant has “café para llevar.” (There are three places close to our abroad center that have pretty good options…the best is “Lisboa” on the corner of Plaza Nueva).

The different types of coffee:

Cortado: a shot of espresso with a little splash of milk.
Café con Leche: a shot of espresso mixed with a mug of milk
**if you ask for café, they will probably give you this
Espresso: plain and simple
Americano: a shot of espresso mixed with a mug of water. (this one makes me laugh because it is like a fake cup of coffee…watered down, but the closest you’ll come)
Cappuccino: a shot of espresso with a little milk and filled with foam