I know I’ve already addressed how I only wrote blogs when I’m angry… Well…

I’m in a German theater class which is really lovely. What is not lovely is at the end of all the plays we see, the Germans insist on clapping for–I KID YOU NOT–ten to fifteen minutes afterwards. Do you know how tired your hands get after just a few minutes? Your palms turn red and your muscles start shaking. It’s really tough stuff. It’s painful, loud, and you can clearly see that the actors just want to get off stage and drink a cup of tea and get a foot massage but NO. They’re stuck listing to everyone clap and having to bow a good twenty to thirty times. What the heck? It makes it so that an amazing performance is indistinguishable from a lousy one because everyone claps the same amount.

This probably wouldn’t have bothered me if it only happened a few times but now it’s been every single time we go see a play, which is at least once every two weeks. By now, I have literally–LITERALLY–listened to hours of clapping which could have been spent doing something much more enjoyable. Pretending to read the book I have to read for my literature class for example.

Freiburg weather is still stuck on that day in March when it rains almost all day and you think the sun might come out just for a minute but then the day is over and you’re just left feeling used and damp. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – Freiburg is NOT the sunny city that its Wikipedia page makes it out to be.

I also can’t find a particular kind of shoes that I’m coveting. It’s been a rough week.

On a positive note, I went to a thermal bath yesterday and it was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. I really suggest it.