Making Some Elderly Friends

Claire Vodicka
March 7, 2015

Instead of class this past Friday, everyone piled on to a bus and headed out to a beautiful nursing home here in Beijing, where we got the opportunity to spend time with some of the residents there.  Fridays are singing days, so IES students came in, introduced themselves, bringing flowers and smiles and company, and joined in singing Chinese songs with our new friends.   We played a fun game and performed both individually and together as a group, singing "A Thousand Miles" and sharing in laughs. 

What was truly wonderful about this experience was that the language barrier didn't seem to even be an issue.  No matter what level of Chinese IES students had, the Nainais and Yeyes (Grandmas and Grandpas) were so welcoming, and some of them even gave gifts to the students.  We got to go back to their rooms and they showed us pictures of their families and told about what they were like when they were younger.  Each student had a different experience with a different resident, but all of it was memorable and enoyable. 

(as I was a participant as well, some of the pictures were taken by my RA Mykhanh)

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Claire Vodicka

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