The Arrival of our Chinese Roommates!

Claire Vodicka
March 16, 2015

After two months of living alone in dorms, the Chinese roommates are finally coming back to school! With regular classes around the corner, and students from all over the world moving into our dorm building, so many changes are occurring (including incredibly slow elevators).  One of the best things for us dorm-students is that our roommates are finally arriving! Last night we met them in the library and did a great round of speed dating, in which we answered great Beijing themed questions and got to know a little bit about the new Chinese residents...


Answering questions during speed dating to get to know our new friends a little bit


Jackie making his rounds


José greeted every one of the BeiWai students with a handshake and a proper hello


Speed dating with the new roommates before roommate reveal helped break the ice between the IES students and the Chinese Students


Anh gets reacquainted with her roommate from last semester


Vicki and her roommate, Scarlet already off to a good start


Javier greets his new roommate with a firm handshake and a smile


Warm greetings all around!

  After, we had the opportunity to show them their new rooms and go out to dinner with them.  We said our goodbyes for now, but on Sunday, they all move in as permanent residents! 

(Some of these pictures are taken by my RA, Mykhanh, as I was participating)


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