The City of Lights- Weekend Best Friend Reunion in Paris

It was late and we were all exhausted from traveling but we had to go exploring regardless, and the Arc Du Triomphe lit up at the end of the beautiful Champs Elysees definitely didn't disappoint. After eating croissants in Paris I don't think I can ever eat a croissant in the states or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Nothing compares to the light buttery goodness of the ones in France! There's this amazing bridge over the Seine river where sweethearts leave locks with their initials on them attached to the bridge to commemorate their love. So my friends and I  decided to leave a lock commemorating our friendship on the bridge! We plan to return to Paris when we're older to check if its still there! The Seine River is just so classically French to me. I've never seen a more beautiful structure in my entire life. We decided to try the escargot and it was amazingly delicious! Oh and the ever-classic Brie cheese didn't disappoint either! I decided to be adventurous and order the frogs legs and they turned out to be the most delicious scrumptious amazing tasting meal I have had since being in Europe!  I definitely recommend trying them if you visit France! The Palace of Versaille is literally massive! The amount of wealth the royal family exhibited in the palace while their country was starving and living in abject poverty is really horrible to me! The whole palace of Versaille was overly decorated and a little gaudy in my opinion but I did think the feminine and floral flair of Marie Antoinette's bedroom was very pretty nonetheless. I spotted this beautiful ceiling painting commemorating the French Revolution in one of the rooms of the Palace of Versailles. The gardens of the Palace of Versaille were just stunning! This wild fountain in the gardens of Versaille was so strange to me! If you look closely at some of the human figures reaching up to the woman at the top, you can see they have human bodies and frog heads! Marie Antoinette really was crazy! The Eiffel Tower is beautiful, day or night. That's the thing about the Louvre- its beautiful inside and out-although getting this classic tourist shot is definitely a lot harder than it looks! The Venus de Milo is such a beautiful work and to think its beauty was unknown to the world until it was found in a field by a farmer in Greece is so amazing to me! The Mona Lisa is even more beautiful in person. I was so captivated by its beauty I couldn't help studying it for almost 30 minutes. Needless to say my friends got annoyed waiting for me! This was one of my favorite statues in the Roman/Greek sculpture collection  the Louvre. I loved the way the artist was able to capture the relaxed and calm pose of the woman sleeping. I loved the striking simplicity of this small ancient Egyptian clay figurine of a woman worshipping the gods. The Louvre is home to one of the most impressive collections of Ancient Egyptian art in the world. I just loved these beautiful statues of the half-cat half-human goddess Bastet. I saw this beautiful piece in a modern art exhibit in the Louvre. The artist was interested in exhibiting the light  that emanated from this piece and the other works in the collection. The Sacre Coeur Basicila was so striking all lit up at the top of a hill looking over the city. The views of the entire city from it's steps and its tower are amazing too! What's a visit to Paris in the fall without a rainy day!?

My 3 best friends and I are all studying abroad in different European cities this semester so we knew we’d have to meet up at some point while we were abroad. And what better place than Paris! We explored almost every corner of the city, from (my favorite) the Eiffel Tower, to the Arc du Triomphe,  Sacre Coeur, the Champs Elysees, the Palace of Versaille, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and even the cute boutique shops of the Latin Quarter. We had an amazing time just being young and carefree in the city of lights and I can’t wait to return one day!  I hope you enjoy the pics!