Chévere…. My First Week in Ecuador

Christopher Aguiar
January 10, 2014

It has been an incredible first week in Ecuador. It was great to finally meet my host family… they are awesome! The first few days were full of orientations and getting to know the local area. We began classes on Wednesday and so far so good! We have taken a few trips to downtown Quito to see the historic area and botanical gardens. I’m definitely practicing my Spanish a lot and am learning new words, like chévere (c0ol), which is super common here. The food here is delicious (and cheap!). I have had lots of jugos, frutas, soups, salads, and lot of rice and potatoes…yum! This weekend we are planning a trip to Baños and then next week we’re heading on a class trip to the coast to collect data in the intertidal and subtidal zones! I’m super excited. Nos vemos!

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Christopher Aguiar

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