2 Weeks in Spain, Endless Memories

Ceryna Baens
January 21, 2019

Hi guys! My first two weeks in Spain have been incredible!! My heart (and my stomach) are so full. At first, adjusting was hard to navigate but making such incredible friends in such a short amount of time have made things a lot easier. My roommates and I instantly hit it off and have been inseparable ever since. We have danced for hours on end, ate more baguettes than we can count, cried, laughed, and gotten lost in some of the best ways possible. Some of the adventures highlighted in this video include me visiting London with my family before arrival day, going to La Boqueria and eating some bomb jamón, attempting to blend in, taking the metro for the first time, going to the Mercadona (the best grocery store ever), trying out some frozen foods and failing miserably, hiking and braving the cold in Montserrat, and much more. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be spending the next three months here and all the memories to come! We still have a lot to learn and a lot more places to see. I hope you enjoy this three-minute video and that you follow me on my journey here in Barcelona!

Ceryna Baens

<p>My name is Ceryna Baens and I am a Communication major with an emphasis in TV and Film at California Lutheran University. When I was 12 years old, I made a Twitter account to meet popstar Justin Bieber. Three years of hard work later, I was serenaded by him onstage in front of 17,000 people. This is the unconventional story of a fan girl turned college woman in pursuit of her wildest of dreams.</p>

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