Berlin and Prague

I went to Berlin and Prague a few weeks ago, and I’m finally getting around to writing about it. My friend and I had a several panic attacks throughout the trip including one before we even left Paris. Sometimes traveling by yourself is hard.

I loved Berlin. Really loved it. We were only there for a day and a half, and we did a four hour walking tour and learned more than I ever did in history class. I loved how there were modern coffeeshops everywhere. Like legit coffeeshops. None of this old fashioned café nonsense like Paris (just kidding, those are great too). Apparently Berlin is known as “poor but sexy.” I was not there long enough to really experience the city, but what I observed rings true.

Prague was beautiful. We were there for four days and did another four hour walking tour which covered several historical and touristy sites. Who knew they had a mini eiffel tower? It was endearing… The only problem I had with Prague was the sheer number of tourists. Oh and the lovers. Like seriously? And this is coming from a girl who is used to seeing people in Paris making out on the metro or at various historical sites. But Prague was worse. And to make it even more annoying, these lovers were not half as attractive or as well-dressed as Parisians, so I couldn’t even be jealous. But this speaks only for the tourists in Prague, because I’m not really sure I saw a legit person from Prague between the hostel and the touristy historical sites. But I don’t blame all those lovers for coming to Prague, because the Charles Bridge and the river pretty much kills you.

Some highlights:

- Withdrawing a 1000 Czech bill. I felt rich for five seconds.

- Getting caught by the German police for not having metro tickets. Too much money was lost paying for that ticket.

- Avoiding various creepy men. By the end of the trip, I was paranoid of everyone. Talk to me, and I will cut you.

- Plotting ways to kill pretty much most of the people in our hostel room… if you see someone sleeping at oh say 3 in the morning, its best not to talk loudly, just sayin.

- Going to the sketchiest club ever in Prague. It was pretty much a four story frat house with old creepy men. Yeah, we didn’t stay too long.

- Losing my camera in Berlin. I bought a disposable camera in Prague. Someone asked me if I was a hipster. Nope, just really needed a camera…

That week was great, but one thing I realized is that it is so much scarier traveling to new cities with one other person rather than a group. And I also realized, I really want to return to Berlin someday, longer than 36 hours I hope.