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Nov 18 9:21am

Trains, Trams, and Buses, Oh My! A Guide to Public Transportation In Nice

by Maddy

Finding your way in a new city can be tough, especially if you have never used public transportation before. However, with the help of this guide, figuring out Nice’s extensive public transportation system will be a breeze.

Nov 16 3:17am

Everything Is Art: Chasing The Lights At Eindhoven GLOW

by Shanela

In many ways, Eindhoven GLOW is the polar opposite of the festivals I grew up with. But light and life are becoming art here, and that’s familiar enough for me.

Nov 15 5:03am

I Amsterdam, But Not for Long — Coming to Terms with Time Running Out

by Betsy

This city and my experiences inside and outside of this city are continuing to define parts of who I am. To reflect, here are a few ways that I define Amsterdam.

Nov 14 7:01am

What to Consider when Choosing your Studying Abroad Location

by Michael

Going into college, I frequently heard college graduates say that they regret not studying abroad. This makes sense when you think about the opportunities that are present when studying abroad.

Nov 13 10:09am

ESSENTIAL London Transportation Guide

by Madison

I never had much experience with public transportation before London, but I’ve now mastered turning a six-minute walk to the tube station into a three-minute walk just to catch the next train. Here is a breakdown of the major types of transportation, a guide to using them, and any suggestions I have. I wish I had something like this before I came to London!

Nov 11 6:56pm

A Final Few Weeks in Auckland

by Isabelle

Finals have started at the University of Auckland! I’ve found that here, it is a much more intense period than it is in the US. All finals here are about 50% of the course, some being up to 75% – which I find to be an insane amount of pressure on a two-hour exam.