Awesome Halloween Costume

So Halloween has come and gone here in Japan, and I saw the best costume I’ve ever seen during it this year. Most girls go for something risque, sexy cop or a satin clad temptress. And I really don’t know the route guys usually go, just nothing anywhere nearly as well done as my friend Roro’s costume this halloween. He made the costume himself, and well deserved, got lots of attention for it.

Handmade No-face costume

Picture Perfect No Face got a photo op with some Japanese girls who loved the costume.

Also as part of our celebratio,n we all got dressed up and went to a club in Tokyo.  Our friend Jordan, who had no idea what to do for a costume the night before we went out found a spare basketball jersey he had lying around and went as easily the best costume he could make with so little preparation, “Jordan”. The guy doesn’t look anything like Michael Jordan, but for us it was an awesome surprise.

(Jordan as Jordan)

He tried. Idea A+ – Execution…


Our friend Jessie went as “Jessie” from Toy Story, also made it herself, and also made a killer outfit. To top it off, we found a Woody and a Buzz when we got to the club and they got to take an awesome group picture.

It’s like the movie all over again.

I went in a costume I made for three dollars, a military man. The only part I had to buy was the pants from a secondhand shop, which never made it into any of the pictures anyway.

It was so clear how different Japan can be than America because nobody worried about the fake gun I had for my costume or even asked me to put it away.

Kanda University also had a halloween party, so we wore our costumes there and participated in their contest. Roro’s No Face costume was hands down the best and won him two free tickets to Disney. After the Halloween Contest we went to an izakaya. And by the end of the day, my half a costume had become god knows what altogether.