Awesome Foods In Japan

Having been in Japan for over eight months now, I have had the opportunity to try and enjoy so many awesome new foods. From the food that my host mom prepares every day, to the places I’ve gone and the local specialties I’ve eaten, I’ve learned to appreciate a whole new set of foods and tastes here in Japan. Remember anywhere you go to give yourself time to adjust to the new tastes. There were lots of foods that I hated when I got here that I only started to like over time. I even learned to like pork here, which seems kind of ironic, but just goes to show. Learning to eat and appreciate new foods can be one of the best parts of going anywhere new. It goes without saying that good food is always better with great friends, which I've gotten to make a lot of here in Japan. Miss these guys. Though I've definitely developed an appreciation for the foods I can only eat here, the fact that I don't see delicious french toast like this on a regular basis has also made me appreciate the foods that I can only eat at home as well. My homestay mother is super health conscious, which is great. Five times a week we have fish, with rice and some kind of vegetable for dinner. It took me awhile to get used to the vegetables, and I used to freak out after eating the fish because I though I smelled from it, but I got used to it and now I love her cooking. This would have grossed me out before I got to Japan. But I've eaten so much delicious fish here now I look at it like I do raw steak, because I know how delicious it's going to be. This is okonomiyaki. It's like an egg pancake, with seafood, or bacon or whatever you want on the inside, and mayonnaise and a special sauce on the outside. So good. I got to have some in Osaka. The waiter came up to our table and made it right in front of us. So good. Easily my favorite food here. Ramien, a ramen dish brought over by a guy from Korea that is now really popular in the Tohoku regian. I ate it in Morioka. If you go there you have to try it. It's ramen served cold in a spicy broth, with melon thrown in for the taste. I have been to Tohoku twice now and have eaten ramien three times. So good. I love turtles. Not necessarily related but after I saw this guy at the Aquarium in Okinawa I instantly felt bad for the one time I ate turtle soup. Never again. Before I got to Japan I wasn't used to the texture of foods like mocchi, even less as a dessert. I still don't prefer it to cheesecake (my favorite) but I'm getting there. All foods are good if you give them a chance... except natou. I've also started to notice the differences between teas, different green teas and oolong teas at least which is really cool. I'll never understand how tea is a thirst quencher in this country, especially in the summer, but I can drink it on a regular basis now. When we went to Okinawa we were treated to a traditional style dinner. I don't remember the contents, but I was one of the only people, thanks to my homestay, that liked any of the nimono, traditional Japanese vegetables on the plates. It was great, I traded my rice for a lot of food that day.