Aussie Lingo

So I just submitted my first final paper today and in the true spirit of procrastination, I decided to write a blog instead of finishing up my next paper. One down, three to go! as much as I’m ecstatic that I have no exams, writing four research papers is a lot of work!! Especially when the writing style here is different from back home and I’m taking subjects that are basically all new to me and all four essays are due within two weeks and each one is 50 percent of my grade. In case you can’t tell from my little rant, I’m a little stressed out. So, anyways, I decided to take a break from uni work and write down all of the Aussie lingo that I’ve heard tossed around since getting to Melbourne and through my travels. For anyone planning to come to Australia, knowing most of the words below will definitely come in handy.

G’day – Hello

How ya goin’ – How are you?

Cheers mate – Thank you

No worries/No drama – You’re welcome.

Good on ya – Well done

Oi – Excuse me

Ace – Excellent

Dead set – Seriously

Toilet – Bathroom

Jumper – Sweater

Take-away – Fast food or food “to go”

Brekkie – Breakfast

Tea – Light afternoon meal, like a snack

Entree – Appetizer

Main – Main course, entree for Americans

Bangers – Sausages

Mash – Mashed potatoes

Biscuits – Cookies

Jelly – Jello

Crisps – Chips

Chips – French fries

Tomato sauce – Ketchup

Pasta sauce – Tomato sauce for Americans

Fairy Floss – Cotton Candy

Lollies – Candy in general

Maccas – McDonalds (been spelling this wrong woops)

Trolley – Shopping cart

Esky – Cooler

Flat white – coffee with milk

Short black – Shot of espresso

Long black – Sot of espresso with added hot water

Pub -Bar

Goon – Box wine

Stubby – Bottle of beer

Slab – Box of beer (24-pack)

Pot/Schooner/Jug – Different sizes of lass (for beer typically)

gutted/pissed/shattered – Drunk

Footy – Football (AFL especially)

Barbie – Barbecue

Car park – Parking lot

Holidays – Vacation

Mate – Anybody you’re talking to or about

Bloke – Guy

Misses – Girlfriend

Aussie – Australian

Youse – Plural of you, like you all

Bogan – Uneducated person

Yank – American

Servo – Gas station

Petrol – Gas

Bottle-O – Liquor store

Chemist – Pharmacy or drug store

Uni – University or college for Americans