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Nov 23 12:33pm

Dublin Against the Grain

Post by Wade Suarez

When I have not been stumbling, um, frolicking through Irish fields, meeting people from six feet away, or sipping tea on my rooftop, I have been learning to look. 

Nov 22 2:20pm

Our Correspondents Share Their Gratitude For IES Abroad Faculty and Staff

Post by IES Abroad

Our Fall Correspondents wanted to take a moment and give thanks for the amazing people who have helped make their study abroad dreams a reality. 

Nov 22 4:33am

11 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Go Abroad

Post by Audrey Glas

When you go abroad for the first time, it’s overwhelming and really difficult to figure out what’s really worth it. To reflect a little and share the best things, here’s a list of 11 things you need to know before you go abroad.

Nov 21 9:28am

Maintaining a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship During a Semester Abroad

Post by Amanda Carrier

Going into this semester abroad, I was determined to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship with my boyfriend while in France. Taking on this challenge together has helped us grow as a couple and proven that our bond transcends physical distance.

Nov 18 11:44am

A Night to Remember at Wembley Stadium

In this blog post, I talk about my experience at my first football game at Wembley Stadium. I was overwhelmed with excitement and felt like I was always an England fan.

Nov 18 2:22am

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Long Distance Abroad

Post by Audrey Glas

The fear of having a long-distance relationship should not stop you from going abroad, I promise its possible. For me and my partner there was no question about staying together while I’m abroad, and he’s not able to make the voyage here to visit me.