Ashby Mccoy
February 14, 2016
Lion's Head

Whirlwind: a column of air moving rapidly around and around in a cylindrical or funnel shape

If I had to sum up the first three weeks of life in Cape Town, this would be the word of my choosing. Friendships have blossomed like the botanical gardens at Kirstenbosch, so much so that we have become human barnacles; clinging to one another for fear of missing out on a fun-filled activity. Because every day is a fun-filled activity. As the sun’s orbit crests the horizon each morning we embark on an endless spree of adventure.

Commencing our journey abroad was our garden route orientation trip, planting the seed of our eternal friendships. In a nutshell caves were explored, ostriches were ridden, kayaks were paddled, and fun was had. However, what truly expedited the bonding process was what started as a soft murmur between close friends about certain troubles with tap water and bowel movements. Very quickly did it become a very much relatable conversation starter. Although our 3 day excursion came to a close, plans were formulated for the coming weeks before our studies were to begin.

And this is where my word of choice comes into play; so many different things were done in such little time, a true whirlwind. The fact that we have all known each other for 3 weeks is inconceivable, as it feels like at least 3 years. More so, we relish in the infinite amount of things to do in Cape Town. Thus far, people have hiked Table Mountain, enjoyed folk music at Kirstenbosch gardens, surfed the gnarley waves at Muizenburg, basked in the blazing sun at Camps Bay beach, and reveled in the savory avocado toast at Cocoa Wah Wah (a local favorite). Somewhere in there we snuck in class registration. No line will ever compare to the fresh hell we all experienced that day in the athletic center. So a word of warning to those looking to study at UCT: bring nourishment and a pen or you’ll be forced to meet everyone in the gym on a desperate search for a writing utensil.

Of course a perk of studying abroad is the ability to travel, however, whilst studying abroad in South Africa traveling can take you from the beach in Cape Town to wine vineyards in Stellenbosch. We recently got a group of friends together and were able to spend a few nights at a cottage on a vineyard in Stellenbosch. An incredible excursion to wine country would be an understatement. Not only did the owner of the cottage know how to make one heck of a jar of jam, but she and her chickens opened their home and their hearts to us, contributing to an overall fantastic first visit to the winelands.

Although this dream-like introduction to Cape Town comes to a close and the real reason we are here (school) begins, a whole new adventure begins. This relationship may be moving quickly, but on this Valentine’s day it only seems right to say we are all falling in love with Cape Town.

Ashby Mccoy

<p>Nature lover, adventure seeker, and music enthusiast. Raised on a Northern farm, educated in a Southern city. Self-proclaimed environmentalist with an unyielding admiration for the avocado-eating Resplendent Quetzal. Moto to live by: &quot;Be the change that you wish to see in the world&quot;</p>

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