Finals Week Cramming

April Johnson
May 27, 2017

To be an effective studier, I depend a lot on my environment. These were the places where I was the most productive. Most of them are also conveniently located near to IES Abroad. There are tons of cafes that aren’t included in this short list but these are some of the ones I frequented the most.

  1. Vollpension

Vollpension is number one on this list for a reason. This is a bakery/café run by grandmothers and grandfathers (Omas and Opas) who come in to work each day and bake whatever their heart wishes. And it’s always guaranteed to be delicious. Besides the cakes, they have a full artillery of coffee to keep you efficient and even real food for when you get really hungry. The decoration, picture frames, and lived in couches makes you feel so at home even when you’re trying to cram a paper or study for an exam. Notes: Cash only, take the grandma’s/grandpa’s advice, don’t come on a Sunday before 5 pm because you won’t find a seat.

  1. Coffee Pirates

Coffee pirates is pretty far from IES Abroad and my apartment in the 5th district (comparatively) but it’s worth it for a day when you’re planning to spend hours and really buckle down. They have extensive seating and a lot of people around you can be found doing work too. The café has a very organic feel to it. Based on pictures and the retired RipCurl surf board hanging against the wall, I have a theory that the owner is from Hawaii and has brought those vibes back with them. I recommend the dirty chai latte or cappuccino frappe and the coconut chocolate vegan cake.

  1. Pure Living Bakery

If you’re feeling homesick (especially from California) this café has all the décor to make you feel like you’re back in the United States at a beach café. It’s complete Malibu signs, photos of the beach, and even a whole foods bag. This café doesn’t have wifi, stating, “No, we don’t have wifi. Talk to each other instead”. They have amazing lattes (with soy or almond milk too) and an extensive bagel list. They’re salads are also pretty drool worthy.

  1. Charlyfresh

One of my favorite places to get lunch between classes is Charlyfresh. They have sehr smeckt, very cheap wraps. There are lots of vegetarian options here and their combinations are pretty unique. My favorite is the French Connection which has brie, pears, and walnuts. They also have great coffee and soup. I like studying here because it is usually pretty empty and they have wifi. The food and service is just a bonus.

  1. Juice Factory

When it began to get warm, the outer window of Juice Factory was taken down so it became more like an open air eatery. My new favorite spot to study became the bar stool seats against the counters where the glass used to be. The seating is still shaded by the building so you still get great visibility on your laptop. For me this was a great in between of studying outside on a blanket in the grass and studying with a desk inside. They also have amazing warm paninis for about 5 euros each. You also should try one of their smoothie bowls.

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