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Studying Abroad in Barcelona? Don’t Get a Gym Membership

Anastasiya Kolesnichenko
August 16, 2018
Girls practicing yoga on the beach

Hi, my name is Anastasiya, I’m from Russia, and I’ll be studying abroad closer to my hometown than when I’m at my home university :) I’m here to share my experience as an international student in Barcelona. So you better grab a pencil and a piece of paper to make notes on the coolest places, activities, and spots in the city. Welcome, and enjoy!

Barcelona is a city that breathes sports and athletics! A desire to be ‘beach body’ fit makes barcelonés value health and fitness, that’s why jogging by the beach and biking through the city’s many cycle lanes is almost as big as Barcelona’s party scene.

I love sports, it gives me energy and joy, and makes me feel powerful, so no surprise my predeparture to do list includes finding the best workouts in the city. And I’ll happily share my selection with you, guys.

Barcelona, with its gorgeous architecture, surrounding mountains, beautiful beaches, and parks is one of Europe's best cities to exercise outdoors. Why spend money (and time!) on a gym membership when there are literally hundreds of free classes taking place at all times and days, from Zumba and Salsa to yoga, from beach volleyball to boot camps? You can find those on the Barcelona Meetups website. Fun fact: that’s also an easy way to find workout classes in English.

Wanna something more athletic and body shaping? The outdoor circuit training by Urban Gorillas is a perfect way to increase overall fitness as it focuses on cardio, high intensity, core development and inner strength. Training happens through the city to keep it fun, so you need to check the schedule to know where to go. Important! The studio offers a free trial class.

The number of schools offering Paddle Boarding classes is growing in Catalan capital. While it’s not as fast-paced as some other aquatic sports, it’s an excellent workout for your core muscles. The Stand-Up Surf School offers training at a range of levels as well as board rentals and even Stand-Up Paddle Yoga.

Do you want something more classic to start with? Exploring Barcelona on wheels is a good way to see a lot as well as to keep fit. Bicycle lanes run along most major streets in the city. Just off pivotal Plaça de Catalunya, Classic Bikes are available for rent daily from 9:30 in the morning. The 24-hour rate is €15.

However, even Barcelona’s mild climate does not guarantee a possibility of outdoor exercises every single day: it might rain or get too hot.

An indoor Aqua Body Studio offers aquabiking workouts, which are a unique combination of aquagym and cycling. The classes are 45 min long and you work out all of the muscles. There are only 10 people per pool, so you get a personal attention from the coach. 

Paleotraining is a relatively new and an extremely healthy workout. The first thing you do before the class is take off your shoes. Barefooted on a grass in a room with no machines or weights you train using stones, wood, iron, trunks. Classes at Paleo Barcelona mostly focus on jumping, climbing, and running, you need to use your whole body during the workouts.

So, I guess, I might see you in one of the mentioned above workout classes. I definitely got intrigued by those and am going to try every single one! :)


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