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Amelia McCabe
May 23, 2023

I leave for Ireland in about an hour, I can’t believe it’s already here! Ever since I found out I got accepted into the program, it’s been a crazy and somewhat daunting process! However, I’ve also had some of the most exciting and rewarding moments. Here are some things I’ve done in preparation: 

  1. Complete my pre-departure forms on the IES Abroad portal- this may not be the most exciting of all the preparation, but it’s the most official! Once all of my paperwork was submitted I also felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and the rest of the work feels a lot more enjoyable. 
  2. I met with my advisor here at the University of Tennessee to make sure the credits I’m receiving abroad will transfer to the school. This is exciting because not only does it allow me to get ahead in some of my classes it also tells me what I’ll be doing abroad and I get to see where I’ll be in school when I get back.
  3. I also talked to all of my family and friends! I couldn't wait to tell everyone about my summer plans, and get recommendations of things to do while In Ireland. This was also a great way to make connections. Some family members gave me the names and numbers of people they know who live in Ireland and now I feel like even when I’m away I’ll have a community to build onto.
  4. Research! I’ve done so much research on Killarney, and Dublin, and the Program itself. I feel like I’ve watched every video provided and visited websites multiple times. I’m so excited to finally be with my ensemble and start this training! Plus, this research helps me gauge a better understanding of what to expect when my plane lands so I don’t feel so overwhelmed, and can instead enjoy my time from the moment I arrive. 
  5. Keeping up with my school work has been super important in this preparation process. I want to feel like leaving for the summer has been well deserved and like I’m putting my best foot forward into this next level of education and training. I’m continuing to work on my craft and with my professors to make sure I can be the best version of myself abroad!
  6. BOOKED MY FLIGHT! It’s official, I leave on May 23rd! (Today!) 
  7. Created a to-do list. This is honestly one of my favorite parts. I love seeing all of the things I need to do written out, and the things I have done checked off. On this list is every bank and cellphone provider I need to call, things I need to buy, documents I need to take with, and packing lists. This to-do list is my holy grail for all things preparation.

Doing all this preparation beforehand means that once I get to Ireland I’ll be able to enjoy every second of the trip and put all of my attention into my new surroundings, the people, and all of the acting that I’ll be doing! I’m so so so excited to take-off and start my new adventure!

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Headshot of Amelia McCabe

Amelia McCabe

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