Daydreaming in Dalkey

Allie Lawrence
July 9, 2017

Over the past weekend my friends and I took the DART train to the coastal town of Dalkey. Our adventure was so much fun that I haven’t stopped dreaming about it.

A little fun fact about Dalkey: Famous Irish singers Bono and Enya both have homes in Dalkey! If you have been following my previous blog posts, Dalkey was probably the most likely place for me to find famous actress Hilary Swank, but alas I was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, Dalkey is officially on my list of one of the most magical places in Ireland.

When we arrived in Dalkey we walked into town to grab lunch at Mugs Café. Chips (or crisps) and salsa, prosciutto and pesto sandwiches, and refreshing water made for a satisfying, delicious lunch. My friends and I had heard tell of a man named Ken the Ferryman who takes people to Dalkey Island on his boat. We asked around and eventually made our way to the water after being distracted by an adorable dog named Bailey.

Ken took us to the island and we spent the entire afternoon exploring. The island was full of seagulls, rabbits, and ancient ruins. The weather continued to get sunnier as we traipsed through bouncy grass and took in magnificent views. Sailboats were out in full force in the waters around the island and so were the seals! Apparently, on particular days you might even catch a glimpse of a dolphin. The day we went wasn’t one of those days, but we still saw lots of wildlife.

Below are a couple of photos from my day on Dalkey Island. The photos don’t quite do the views justice, so if you ever find yourself in the Emerald Isle make sure you take a quick trip to Dalkey and ask for Ken the Ferryman.

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