airborne and en route to Sydney!!

Allie Burke
July 5, 2016


hellloooo hello!

excited to kick off my blog in the sky, en route to Sydney! 15 hours down, 2 to go.  The hype is getting way too real.

 It's been a long flight, but I’ve really enjoyed the rare opportunity to escape the world for a bit and have some time to anticipate my adventure, as well as do some journaling, listen to music, make friends with the hilarious Australian professor sitting next to me, and finish reading what I consider to be now one of my favorite books, Jack Keraouc’s On the Road.

Well, Sydney is now closer than ever and I’m more excited than ever! Considering it will be around 6 am when I land in Sydney, I guess I should try to spend the last couple hours of the flight getting a quick nap in because I don’t want to waste a second of daytime in Australia doing anything but exploring the beautiful country, and adventuring through all of its beaches and mountains.

can't wait to follow up with a post documenting my first few adventures in ~the land down under~ !!


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Allie Burke

<p>My name is Allie Burke, and I am a junior at the College of William &amp; Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am studying Political Philosophy and Environmental Science and Policy, and will be interning abroad in Sydney, Australia during the summer of 2016. I am in love with our planet, and believe there is beauty in all things. My favorite parts of life center around TRAVEL, music, the ocean, nature, philosophy, adventures, and striving to make the world a better place!</p>

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