Xiao Chi! Awesome Eats in the Middle Kingdom

Alexis Cobau
October 31, 2013

College towns in the United States are known for having some of the coolest and tasty restaurants with decent prices. Colleges in China are no different, atleast when it comes to Beiwai. Here are some awesome local eateries around the Bei Wai Campus.

Xi bu Ma Hua — The delicious Chinese equivalent to America’s 24-hour diners. Reasonable prices, open all night and good cheap food. Try the Niu Rou La Mian, with hand-pulled noodles or the Gong Bao Ji Ding if you’re a fan of green onions.

Hou Jie — This area behind East Campus is a treasure trove of good restaurants, especially known for it’s Minority Restaurants. Here you can find everything from Korean Barbecue to Donkey meat sandwiches. I personally recommend checking out the Dai Restaurant (Golden Phoenix) for their fried potato balls, fried bananas and pineapple rice. If pineapple rice and fried bananas aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, head on down to Coco by the Chaoshifa for delicious seasonal-inspired beverages and various kind of milk tea, served hot or cold.

“Bagel Bread” — On Hou Jie, but so special it deserves it’s own space. Right across from Coco, this magical bakery has pastries so good, you’ll swear for a brief moment that you’re back in Mei guo. I personally recommend the chocolate croissants, sprinkled with almond slices and powdered sugar. They also have a great selection of reasonably priced (for China anyway) cakes and have started selling sandwiches and cheesecake.

Song Ling — A lunch time staple. Can get a little hectic during the lunch rush, but their delicious cold prepared veggies and super cheap jiaozi make this a lunch time favorite for IES students. Hop in to the connected chao shi for a cold drink to go with your lunch.

Pizza A — The best pizza and coldest pi jiu this side of Beijing. The owners are super friendly (and LOVE IES students, don’t be surprised if they pass you a free plate of shu tiao or popcorn when you walk in the door!) and it’s an awesome place to sit outside during Beijing Summer nights.

Taste — Cheap, homestyle, delicious Chinese food. The environment is a bit hectic (don’t be surprised if you hear a screaming baby) but the food is quick, plentiful and authentic.

Cafe ting — The IES stomping grounds. If you guys are planning to go out at all, chances are you’re going to be pregaming at the cafe, located literally feet away from the IES entrance. With 5 kuai ice cold tsingdao and a host as nice as Ding Ling, it’s no wonder this place has remained an IES favorite all these years. Try the “da bizi” sandwich (fried egg, cheese and bacon, the bread is homemade and the other sandwiches are delicious as well!) or the nutella waffle if your tummy is rumbling.




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