The Glasses

Alexandra Szotka
May 19, 2014

One of the most fun days in Cape Town took place yesterday. The day started out like most, eating leftover burrito for breakfast, pretending to do work in my pajamas, but then things started to heat up! My beautiful friends Atara, Delise, Elena, and Payal agreed to accompany me to Kalk Bay, which is a 30 minute train ride away from our humble abode. We jumped aboard the train and since it was a Sunday and our train station office was closed we had the pleasure of riding the train for free! Yes we only saved 40 rand, but 40 rand goes a long way here. Right after we got off the train we were suddenly overwhelmed with all the great foods and stores that were surrounding us, so in an effort to conquer, we made a plan of action to shop and then to eat. We were successful in buying clothes, bags, souvenirs, basically anything fun and unique.

The one and only DELISE!

After we had built up an appetite, I showed my girls where the best bakery was and we all got chocolate croissants and the baker told me, “You know what? You are REALLY beautiful, don’t change!” And for once, this didn’t come across as creepy at all! Instead, it was a real mood booster for the day. We then popped into a few more shops and then into Kalk Bay books. I have never been so excited to go in a bookstore in my life. I am a book-aholic and since being here I have been in withdrawal, so of course after browsing around the store I picked out the perfect book and left the store happy.  Of course after that we needed another food break, this time, the food being ICE CREAM, more specifically gelato (yummmm).


The best bookstore in Cape Town!

By that time all the stores were closing so we did what we do best, started a photo shoot. Delise had purchased a pair of rockin’ John Lennon glasses at one of the stores and we decided we wanted to show off our beauty all around town. Those glasses were the best purchase Delise made while being here, even though Atara would disagree and say that are “fashion suicide.” We started by taking photos in front of this gate that claimed to be “Memory Lane,” from there I asked a security guard to take our picture which he responded by saying “NO.” We were temporarily distraught but then we found a cute couple eating on a patio, and we repeated our question to them and successfully received an affirmative response. We took a series of photos featuring the fabulous ice cream and us.

Are we artsy yet?!

For the LOVE of Ice Cream!

Laughs <3

Just modeling, no big deal…


We fancy, huh?

Ice Cream is a girl’s best friendddd

At that point, our ice cream appetizer was coming to a close, so we decided to stop in for dinner at this restaurant called “Cape to Cuba.” The restaurant was so cool, maybe even the coolest I have been to in Cape Town. The restaurant had millions of chandeliers, and delicious “Cuban bread,” but the best part of all was THE SWING. As we were deciding on our meals, this one waitress got up and lets down this swing from the ceiling. Delise jokingly asks, “Can I swing on it?” The waitress proceeds to say, “Why of COURSE, that is what it is there for!” So we climbed up onto the closest table and fooled around on the swing. We have decided that every restaurant should be required to have a swing from now on. We finished our meal just in time to catch the last train back to our part of town, and we danced around the train, having a great time. It was just a joyous day of fun, sun, food and beautiful souls!



Crazy eyes on the swing!

Swinging up a storm!



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