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Video Short: Last Days in Chapel Hill

Adrienne Lane
May 26, 2016


(Caution aux francophones: Mon français n'est pas la meilleur, mais j'espère que ça va changer cet été.)

My editing software was unable to include subtitles in the video, but I hope it is easy to follow no matter what language you speak. This was all shot on my luxurious iPhone 5s Camera.  Here is the English translation of the video:

My name is Adrienne. I am a student at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). This autumn, I will be starting my final year of college. On paper, I’m a biology major. But, I also do Franco-Arab Studies and fine arts. This summer, I’m packing my bags for the destination of my dreams: Morocco. I have worked for a very long time for this moment. I am financially independent, so my path to Morocco has been particularly difficult. I work two jobs and I applied to dozens of scholarships. Then, I discovered that the University loan I had been waiting for was not going to be available until after when I was supposed to arrive in Morocco. Without a way to pay for a ticket, I created a Go Fund Me page to make up for the loan money I was anticipating. After two days, I reached my goal. I am from Los Angeles and, today, my parents live in Portland. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money to visit them before studying abroad. So, I have been passing my final days in the United States with my North Carolina family: St. Anthony Hall. It’s a society of artists that works like a co-ed fraternity. I am the house manager and the academic chair. I have lots of art in the house, and the best company of friends. Before leaving, I had to visit the country home of the Matthews, who are alumni of St. Anthony Hall. They are like my parents here. I also spend a lot of time with the light of my life, David. I have never wanted anything more than to study abroad on this IES Abroad Rabat program. I want to do independent research on ethnic and religious minorities in Morocco, focusing on Jews, Berbers, and Sub-Saharan Africans. To prepare for this trip, I took a course this past semester about Arab Jews and another course about. Franco-Arab literature. I also really want to improve my French and start learning Arabic. There has been a LOT of buildup to this trip so, of course, I am terrified. But far more than that, I am excited. I just finished my gift for my house family in Rabat. It’s a three-part collage meant to look like an American flag. It’s more of an “artistic interpretation…” yes, it is a little weird, but I am proud of it and I hope my host family likes it, too. I depart for Morocco tomorrow, and I am very excited to share my art with you all on my blog this summer. 

Adrienne Lane

<p>Hi, my name is Adrienne Cecile, though many just know me as Ace. I am originally from Los Angeles, and I am now a rising senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I specialize in biotechnology and Franco-Arab Studies. I have a huge passion for making art, particularly drawing and sewing. I spend a lot of my time at school at my arts fraternity, St. Anthony Hall, where I do community arts outreach and make a lot of art, of course. I am so excited to be in a Francophone country for the first time after studying French for eight years, and I cannot wait to learn Arabic and do independent research on minoritiy communities in Urban Morocco.</p>

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