72 Hours in Amsterdam

Beyond the red light district and coffee shops, Amsterdam is buzzing with a creative culture filled with art, music, great food, and cheap drinks. The city itself is very picturesque with canals spread throughout and plenty of shops and bars full of character. The Jordaan neighborhood in particular was home to many of the eclectic and culinary saavy hangouts inhabited by a very young crowd. If you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend going. It was among one of the coolest places I have been while abroad.

Great expresso spread throughout the city Surreal One of the many people texting and biking in this crazy city Got there right in time for the leaves to start changing colors AN overwhelming amount of amazing poster art at the Contemporary Museum One of my favorite pieces from the Stedjijk Museum Along the canals Along the Jordaan area plenty of wine bars are to be had. This one in particular was great. My favorite bar / lunch spot while in Amsterdam I'm on a boat The outside of the museum looks like something you would see on star trek. I can't complain with that. A beautiful sunset along the canal