8 Best Places to Study Abroad for the Instagram-Obsessed

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There’s nothing quite like a travel photo in your Instagram feed to make you wish you were somewhere else. Get ready to give your followers a major case of wanderlust while you study abroad because, let’s face it, #nofilterneeded has never been so real.

Check out some of the most photogenic places in the world with these eight best places to study abroad for the Instagram-obsessed.

1. Argentina

From the perfectly centered solo shot in the Salt Flats to bird’s-eye-views of the world’s best steaks, your Instagrams go to the next level when you study abroad Argentina-style.


Buenos Aires Study Abroad student in Salt Flats


Instagram credit: @meerkaliya

2. Australia

The beaches. The breakfasts. The kangaroos! If we didn’t know better, we might have thought Instagram was invented solely to snap pictures of studying abroad in Australia.


Sydney Study Abroad student's breakfast, a coffee and donut


Instagram credit: @claireiemar

3. Austria

Get ready for your feed to be taken over by fresh flowers at the Naschtmarkt, moody cafes, and museums galore when you study abroad in Austria.


Vienna study abroad student holding an ice cream cone

Instagram credit: @dreamylouise

4. France

How can you not Instagram everything when literally every single thing around you is so beautiful? The landmarks. The people. The food. The rain. The clothing. Seriously everything when you study abroad in France.

View of the Eiffel Tower

Instagram credit: @paris_snapshots

5. Germany

Study abroad Instagrams from Germany…talk about cool. Chic city shots from Berlin, nature ‘grams from Freiburg, you name it. When it comes to the cool factor, few photos compare to study abroad Germany photos.

Study abroad Germany student silhouettes

Instagram credit: @guadalupelives

6. Ireland

It’s fine by us if all of your posts are green while you study abroad in Ireland. Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing profile, anyway?

Cliffs of Moher

Instagram credit: @dan_day30

7. Japan

There’s a reason why photos from Japan frequently make our monthly Instagram Top 10 lists. It’s shots from Shibuya crossing (like this one!) or of cherry blossoms in the spring or the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto…we could go on and on. When it comes to best places for Instagrams from study abroad, Japan is quick to make the list.

Candid photo of shibuya, Japan

Instagram credit: @lindsayforever

8. Morocco

We’re not going to lie—study abroad Morocco photos might just be our favorites. From students embracing Moroccan culture to the blue city of Chefchaouen to long shadows in the Sahara, we love it all.

Morocco study abroad student in the Sahara

Instagram credit: @moroccanaround

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