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Study abroad in Spain and visit a rich mix of UNESCO World Heritages Sites - the Alhambra in Granada, the historic center of Córdoba, the works of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, the Camino de Santiago (to name a few) - and a vast range of architectural styles, including Spanish Colonial, Spanish Baroque, Modernism, and more. Whether you choose to study abroad in Barcelona or Madrid, or opt for more of a university town like Salamanca or Granada, there are architectural gems to explore everywhere you turn.

Study Abroad in Spain

“The detail that goes into the most mundane corners of a university or the filigrees found on a small leaf on a turret of a cathedral is just breathtaking.”
Katrina M. • Pomona College • Salamanca – Language & Area Studies

“Make the plunge and don’t look back.”
Avery T. • Williams College • Berlin – Metropolitan & Urban Studies

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