Headshot of Andrea Campos

Andrea Campos

New York Times Best Selling Illustrator, Speaker, Visual Artist & Creative Storyteller

Andrea Campos is a Mexican-American illustrator and visual artist. Raised in Chicago, Andrea made her way to the West Coast in 2015 in search of warmer weather and her version of the American dream. In January 2020, after nearly a decade in marketing, Andrea decided to shift her career focus and become a photographer. Her timing could have been better, because just weeks later, the pandemic hit. 

Like so many others at that time, Andrea became unemployed overnight and felt anxious and overwhelmed by the state of the world. So, she turned to art as a way to make sense of it all. Andrea drew and drew, and eventually started sharing her art via 'dreasdoodles' on lnstagram. 

Within months, Andrea's work started to go viral, catching the attention of authors, agents, and even a few celebrities. Including Jimmy Fallon, and Jennifer Lopez, who invited Andrea to illustrate their debut bilingual children's book 'Con Pollo' (Feiwel & Friends 2022) 

Today, Andrea is a New York Times bestselling Illustrator, visual artist, and author, with over 21K followers who is pursuing her dream to connect with others and spread joy through her playful, colorful creations. 
The daughter of immigrants, Andrea is committed to being inclusive in her storytelling - and hopes that her work will not only spark joy in people's lives but also share the joy of the BIPOC experience.

See more of Andrea's work on her website.