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Planning a study abroad program based on your subject matter and the best interests of your students is an exciting opportunity. That said, we know it can be daunting—which is why IES Abroad Customized & Faculty-Led Programs is here to help. From housing, insurance, and transportation to cultural events, courses, field trips, we've got you covered with your choice of customizable options. So you can feel confident that we've "done this before" even if you (or your students) haven't!

Below, have a look at some models from programs we've run (and continue to run) and consider what you see as starting points for the academic adventure you'd like to create for your students.

Customizable Program Models

  • First-Year Cohort
  • 12-Day Global Pillars
  • 6-Week Engine- ering
  • Business Semester
  • Identity in Argentina
  • Sport in Sydney
  • Business & Culture in North Africa
  • Luxury Management in Milan

Semester-Long First-Year Cohort Program

  • Program Duration: Semster/15 weeks
  • Location: Rome, but possible in most IES Abroad Destinations
  • Themes: First-Year Cohort, Interdisciplinary
  • Inclusions: 
    • Orientation
    • Dedicated Student Success Coordinator
    • Enhanced 24/7 health and safety support
    • Housing (usually apartment, residence hall, or hotel)
    • Classroom space
    • 2 group meals
    • 3 (each): guest lectures, cultural events
    • 5 site visits within the city
    • 2 (each): day trips outside the city, overnight fields trips

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