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IES Abroad's General Conference and the academic governance committees play an important role in supporting IES Abroad's mission by providing direction, academic program development, and review.

The IES Abroad General Conference is made up of Member school coordinators and faculty who participate in the academic governance system of IES Abroad via their voting privileges as well as the Academic Council, Curriculum Committee, Institutional Membership Committee, and the Nominations Committee. Additionally, from among the Member schools, one study abroad coordinator is elected by the voting membership to serve a three-year term as Chair of the General Conference. This individual is responsible for representing the Consortium on the IES Abroad Board of Directors.

Academic Council
Comprised of elected Consortium Members and IES Abroad staff, the Academic Council oversees IES Abroad program quality control by setting educational policy for IES Abroad, advising the IES Abroad President concerning all academic matters, and providing for systematic contact between the Member institutions and IES Abroad both abroad and in the U.S.

Curriculum Committee
Member school faculty participate in the IES Abroad Curriculum Committee, which reviews all IES Abroad syllabi and compliance with the standards set forth by the IES Abroad MAP©, as well as in several other academic task forces.

Institutional Membership Committee
The Institutional Membership Committee, comprised of elected Consortium Members, reviews and recommends to the General Conference standards for admission of new Members and the renewal of membership to the Consortium. Additionally, the Committee reviews new institutional nominees for potential membership and reviews each current Member for compliance with the membership criteria.

Nominations Committee
The Nominations Committee, comprised of elected Consortium Members, is responsible for drawing up the slate of candidates for election to the Academic Council and the Chair of the General Conference, overseeing the balloting procedures, and tabulating the election results.

Program Planning Committee
Comprised of four Consortium Members appointed to one-year terms by the Chair of the General Conference in consultation with the President, the Program Planning Committee helps to determine the program for the year's Annual Conference, both through suggesting topics of presentations and soliciting speakers.