Institute for the International Education of Students (“IES Abroad”) is pleased to offer alumni weekend programs for its alumni and friends. We strive to work with the best partners to make available interesting and enriching travel options for the alumni and friends of IES Abroad. The Advancement Office at IES Abroad encourages you to familiarize yourself thoroughly with our cancellation and refund policies, and also to investigate available services via third parties such as trip cancellation insurance. IES Abroad is not responsible for delayed, changed or cancelled flights, hotels, or for other changes to trip components or travel arrangements that IES Abroad did not arrange, does not provide, or does not control. Nor is IES Abroad responsible for additional expenses or losses resulting from any of the above.


All activities must be paid for in full and in advance through the online registration process. The deadline to sign up for activities varies by program and is cited on the website at under the specific event’s webpage(s).


All participants must be in good health. This program involves extensive walking, some of it over uneven surfaces, as well as events and activities such as climbing stairs at monuments and other sites or locations that are not all accessible to individuals with mobility or certain other health issues. The level and type of accessibility required or provided abroad, as well as the legal requirements therefor, often differ those in the United States.  Climbing in and out of various conveyances may be required during the program.  We request that any condition that may require assistance or special medical attention be reported to IES Abroad at the time of your reservation but IES Abroad, its vendors and the host country may not offer such special medical or other assistance in connection with the program.


Photographs, videos and digital images of participants in IES Abroad alumni and friend’s tours and related activities may be used for educational and promotional purposes by IES Abroad. By making a reservation for the tour or participating in it, each participant consents to the use of such photographs, videos or digital images, and to the use of participant’s name, likeness, and/or image by IES Abroad for such purposes. 




The itinerary is subject to change in the sole discretion of IES Abroad. Some deviations from the scheduled itinerary may be at the expense of the individual participant.


The participation of IES Abroad in alumni weekend union programs is limited to educational sponsorship of the programs described on the IES Abroad website at  (“the Program”). IES Abroad acts only as an agent for the participant with respect to transportation and other services arranged or provided by or through IES Abroad. IES Abroad, its affiliates, and their respective employees, officers, agents, directors, vendors, subcontractors, and representatives (collectively referred to herein as IES Abroad”) assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for any act, error, or omission, or for any injury (including death), loss, damage, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned or occur in whole or in part during or in connection with the Program or any of its components or activities, irrespective of whether the same occurs by reason of any defect in any element of the program or tour, or through the negligent acts, omissions or  default of IES Abroad or a third party. . Nor will IES Abroad, its affiliates, or their respective employees, agents, successors, assigns, officers, directors, vendors, subcontractors, and representatives be responsible for any loss, injury, damage, or expenses to persons or property due to illness, weather, strikes, local laws, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, acts of nature or force majeure, or other such causes in connection with the Program or any of its components parts or anything beyond their reasonable control. IES Abroad shall not be responsible for transportation or other program delays, cancellations, changes, loss of time, or additional expenses resulting from the same. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable in the sole opinion and discretion of IES Abroad for the health, safety, comfort, or well-being of the participants, or for any reason whatsoever, to alter the itinerary at any time, without notice to the participants, such alterations will be made without cost, liability, or penalty to IES Abroad. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the participants. Baggage and personal effects are the sole responsibility of the participant at all times. Participants shall be solely responsible for any damage(s) to persons or property caused by, and for expenses incurred by, themselves and the members of their traveling party, during or in connection with the alumni weekend tour.   IES Abroad reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a participant at any time, or to require any participant to withdraw from the Program at their own expense when such an action is determined by IES Abroad to be in the best interest of the participant or the general health, safety, welfare, or well-being of other participants or third parties.


IES Abroad must strictly adhere to applicable cancellation and refund policies to offset costs incurred prior to the commencement of the Program, which may include but are not limited to: advance payments to vendors, subcontractors, lecturers or others; charters; communication expenses; development/promotional expenses and the loss of time that might have permitted resale of reserved space.  All cancellations must be made in writing to the offices of IES Abroad and are subject to a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.  IES Abroad shall have no responsibility or liability for refunds. No refunds are given for cancellation on or after the first day of the reunion weekend, or for unused portions of the program, for any reason. NOTE: IES Abroad shall not be liable for any cancellation penalties or costs. In the case of a cancellation due to shortage of participants, IES Abroad will attempt to notify all participants (to the extent practicable) at least 20 days prior to departure. However, IES Abroad reserves the right to cancel the Program for any reason; and, in such case, reimbursement of refundable costs of the trip shall constitute full settlement with the participant. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises between a participant and IES Abroad, the following conditions shall apply: (a) the dispute shall be settled by binding mandatory arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in Chicago, IL; (b) the dispute will be governed by Illinois law and subject to the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association; (c) the maximum amount of recovery to which a participant shall be entitled under any and all circumstances will be limited to the sum of all monies actually received from the participant by IES Abroad. The participant agrees that this is a fair and reasonable limitation on any damages of any sort whatsoever that a participant may suffer. Upon payment of activities, the participant agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

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