MK 300 - Marketing Principles

This course is created to provide a comprehensive overview of basic marketing concepts. During this course, participants will learn how firms create value for their (potential) customers by examining their needs. While learning about theory-based Marketing content, students will work on practical cases in groups. These practical sessions will be enhanced by company visits and expert talks in order to facilitate a transfer of knowledge between theory and practice. By working in cooperation with and for companies, the students will also become familiarized with state of the art-instruments that are used by successful marketers all over the planet, such as 3D Printing, Empathy Mapping and Video Prototyping. All cases that are used during the class as well as the selected Startups focus on Sustainability and Digitalization, the two dominant trends that are framing the Berlin Ecosystem nowadays. Bringing the students together with Early Stage Startups will create a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Winter Quarter



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