ES/GE 320 - Communication Strategies for Conservation: Natural and Cultural Heritage Site Interpretation

Please note: This course was previously titled GE/ES 320 - Heritage Interpretation.

The module presents the communication method called Heritage Interpretation. It offers a wide potential for the successful mediation of scientific knowledge for various target groups in national parks, science centers, museums, and public sites. Students will first study theoretical background, and read important articles and research in the field of interpretation, and present their findings. Afterwards they will discuss and evaluate best practices in the surroundings of Freiburg (for example Waldhaus Freiburg, National Park Nordschwarzwald). Finally, students will create their own interpretive project, such as a personal interpretation, audio tour, or app, using a literature survey, expert interviews, and field work. While working on their project they can access an international database with recommendations for Heritage Interpretation.

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Environmental Studies

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