ES/CU 328 - The Business of Sustainability and Cultural Heritage: The European Case from a Spanish Perspective

Our world is transforming at an accelerated pace and calls for sustainability are arising across continents and disciplines. We can see the emergence of myriad models of sustainability originating from different contexts. We will focus mainly on the Spanish case, as its models of regeneration based on cultural and natural heritage can be found at the forefront of European initiatives for sustainable regional development. During the course, we will combine theoretical discussions with specific case studies from Europe, in general, and Spain and Castilla y León in particular. We will closely examine how territorial heritage is harnessed to promote the well-being of local communities both in the urban and rural contexts, and how it allows peripheral regions to offer their own unique models of sustainable development.   

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Environmental Studies
Cultural Studies

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One semester of coursework in cultural heritage, environmental studies, or instructor approval.

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